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Package Modular Web Shop

Unique graphical conception or template
Dynamic web pages
Logo design suggestion
Scaned 30-50 colour images, optimized and preworked
Text - equivalent of 5 A4 pages
Content Management system (administration module)
Language variation-infinite
The contact page includes feedback "form"
SEO optimization
Sign-up in 30 search engines
Instalation / Configuration for free
Guarantee / Assistance 6 months for free
From the administration zone modules can be added depending on the needs of the client, products and categories can be created

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Public zone with standard sections

Stock notification
Product categories - tree like- for catalogue surf
Product presentation - detailing zone of informations if these exist
Product search after criteria such as title, description
Special offer - product price cut
Shopping bascket
Contact data administration - account data, delivery adress, payment
Different product notification - selection of interest and/or new products
Type of payment selection: internet payment modules(Paypal, Egold, Escrow, etc.), bank payment op, CEC, delivery payment
Transport type selection, for the calculation of transport price

Private zone

Administration of categories and products
Add / Modify / Erase of the product stocks
Price list import for all products thru the upload of files previously agreed upon
Manually definition for product promotions - products on price cut
Producer administration
Client / commands administration
Client administration
Direct vizualization of client commands
Vizualization / Editing/ Erase client contact data
Direct e-mail contact- send form for message sendage
Command administration
Currency administration
Modification of course for the presentation of prices in the wanted currency
Visualised products
Bought products
Total client commands
Who's on-line - notice of who is on-line in real time
E-mail dendage to one or more clients at the same time
Newsletter administration - creation / sendage of newsletter to the existing users
Command editing with the difference compresion for the prepayd commands
Product price-cut list import thru the loading of a file type previouly agreed upon
Defining of commercial supplement levels based on categories and/or produscts
Defining of product atributes(clour, duration) for complex products - complex product support
Vizualisation/ Erasing/ Editing of the draft command
These zones will be split into modules, which will then be easily installed by the administrator.
  • Hosting in real time on servers with Linux and Windows
  • US 400

    Traffic / month : 10 GB
    E-mail Accounts : 1000
    Subdomains : 40
    MySQL databases : 1
    Parked domains : 2
    Storage space : 400MB
    Price : 6 euro/month
  • US 600

    Traffic / month : 15 GB
    E-mail Accounts : 1000
    Subdomains : 50
    MySQL databases : 4
    Parked domains : 4
    Storage space : 600MB
    Price : 8 euro/month
  • US 800

    Traffic / month : 20 GB
    E-mail Accounts : 1000
    Subdomains : 60
    MySQL databases : 20
    Parked domains : 6
    Storage space : 800MB
    Price : 10 euro/month
  • US 1000

    Traffic / month : 25 GB
    E-mail Accounts : 1000
    Subdomains : 80
    MySQL databases : 20
    Parked domains : 10
    Storage space : 1000MB
    Price : 14 euro/month
  • US 1200

    Traffic / month : 35 GB
    E-mail Accounts : 1000
    Subdomains : 100
    MySQL databases : 20
    Parked domains : 15
    Storage space : 1200MB
    Price : 20 euro/month